Angel Children
Original Doll's Dolls by Ethel Hicks
Angel Children are dolls for the children that
live in the 1"=1' doll house.  Each one is a
collector's doll in its own right.
They are designed and finished by Ethel,
especially for you.
All the dolls have porcelain heads and their
faces are china painted. Most have porcelain
hands and feet as well, if not it is specified.
Angel Children
4951 Sparr Rd.
Gaylord, MI 49735

Dolls -.
Shows Baby Dolls that are made on a floppy body and very poseable.
Favorites - are special dolls that do not seem to fit comfortably anywhere else.
Dolls 2 -  Picture of dolls that represent Nursery Rhyme characters and
Story Book
Also shows  
Wee dolls that are from Many Lands.
Gallery shows different dolls and scenes I have made through the years. Its a
mini photo Gallery of some of my favorites. These are not for sale.
Ordering - is self explanatory, hopefully it will be helpful, if you are so inclined
About the Dolls - About the Dolls and the Dollmaker  tells how they
are made, and a little about their creator.
Dolls 3 - Christmas Doll for 2016
- They are dolls designed to look like the dolls children played with long