I must apologize as I do not have a shopping cart. I would rather make dolls.
As this is a one woman operation, I need to keep it simple.

If you decide you would like to order you can Email, (ethelac@yahoo.com), text or phone
(1-989-350-2959) your order number or numbers to me.
I will immediately delete them from my
website. I will ship upon receipt of your payment  as soon as possible, usually the next day.

I can send you a
paypal invoice or you can send the payment to ethelac@yahoo.com.
Or you can call with a
credit card number to my cell phone (1 -989-350-2959).
Please email me if you would like to pay with a
check and I will hold the dolls for you until it

As shipping is frightfully expensive,
I will split the shipping cost with you. That means $3.55 for
each of us to pay for shipping
, Priority Mail. This is one shipping price for any numbers of dolls
I will email you the tracking number the morning they are shippped.
Original Doll's Dolls by Ethel Hicks
Angel Children
4951 Sparr Rd.
Gaylord, MI 49735


Dolls 2
Favorites  - Little dolls of all types and styles.
About the Dolls - About the Dolls and the Dollmaker  tells how they
are made, and a little about their creator.
Dolls 3 -  Babies - Are sweet little dears.  They are made on cloth
bodies and are very pose able. They can be tucked into high chairs or any
special place.
Many Lands -  Are tiny dolls that are dressed in my interpretation of their
native costumes.
Dolls 4  -    Story Book Dolls and Nursery Rhymes Dolls
They are dolls from stories and rhymes of long ago.
Gallery -  shows different dolls and scenes I have made through the years. Its a
mini photo Gallery of some of my favorites. These are not for sale.
SB stands for solid body. Her head, torso and
legs are one porcelain piece. She cannot sit. All 1
1/8"dolls have Wire Arms.
SO stands for seated only
FL stands for floppy, soft body very poseable

Dolls are sold individually,
any accessories
shown are included.
Victorians - Dolls inspired by special dolls from long ago.
Holidays -   Dolls that help us celebrate special times in our life.
Angel Children
I have grouped my Angel Children into  imaginary divisions. It  just helps me keep them organized.
Dolls are deleted from my site as soon as they are sold.
Welcome to my Online store. Each page is filled with my  tiny dolls. They are
finished and ready to ship. This is a new venue for me. It means you can
purchase the exact doll you are viewing.  It also provides me with far more
creative freedom and less stress.

Angel  Children are
original porcelain dolls.  Their tiny faces are china painted
and fired in the kiln. They are made to be toy doll's for the children who live in
the doll house. They are made in 1"=1' scale, although some are appropriate
for smaller scales. Each one is a beautiful collectible in her (his) own right.
Please refresh previously viewed pages, as the dolls that are available can change daily.
I have added " Joy" to my online store.
You will find h
er throughout my site.
She will be wearing different outfits.