Original doll's dolls by Ethel Hicks
Angel Children
Ethel's Notes:   I have been designing and making Angel Children for
many years.
This page will explain how the dolls are made. It will also answer that much
asked question, "How long does it take to make just one When I began, I
decided this is so much fun, I am going to do this for the rest of my life, so
far, so good.
In my early thirties people would meet me and say, "Oh I thought you were
a little old lady." Never one to disappoint, thirty years later, I have become
one, but my Angel Children are as new and shiny as ever.

Angel Children
4951 Sparr Rd.
Gaylord, MI 49735
e mail: ethelac@yahoo.com
Phone 1 989-350-2959

My little dolls are all designed to be doll's for the children that live in the
doll house. Each one is a collector's doll in its own right. I completely
design, make and finish each one. I love making my dolls. I enjoy my
customers. I find
miniature dolls lovers to be delightful people and kind friends.
My only difficulty is making enough dolls for everyone that wants one.

I will always notify you when I have received your order .
I will let you know how long it is until I will have your dolls finished.
I would love to have them all in stock, but they keep jumping in their
shipping boxes and flying off to all corners of the world.
I am doing my best to fill your order as quickly as I can.
                             Best Wishes,
Gallery: displays some of the dolls and scenes
I have designed over the years.
Catalog Page 1
1.  The Baby Dolls I make as well as my two little
Christmas dolls for 2014 & 2015.
2. Favorites.  They are just special little ones that do not
seem to fit anywhere else.
Catalog Page 2
1.Nursery Rhymes has the little Dolls I make that remind
me of the old poems.
2.Story Books has the dolls I make that are inspired by old
children's tales.
3.Dolls from Many Lands.
At the bottom of this page are my tiny 1 1/8"  dolls dressed
Catalog Page 3
1. Victorians. They are just old fashioned dears made to
look like the dolls children played with long ago.
35 th Anniversary Doll Victorianna is found on this
Ordering: Is rather self explanatory. But  hopefully it will be helpful, if you are so
Note: New phone number
New Street Number