Angel Children
4951 Sparr Rd.
Gaylord, MI 49735


Ordering is Simple
To order-
email   ethelac@yahoo.com, or call or text 989-350-2959 with the
number or numbers of the dolls you want.
If you would like to pay with pay pal
mention it and I will send an
invoice right out.
To Pay -  I can send you a pay pal invoice
or you can pay with pay pal yourself.
( Go to paypal.com and send payment to ethelac@yahoo.com).

You can call me with your  credit or debit card number.
1-989-350-2959 (my cell). If you do not catch me, just leave a
voice mail and I will get back to you as soon as possible

Of course you can mail me a check, Please send it to the address above. If
you plan on paying with this method I will need to know the numbers of the
dolls you want right away. I will hold them for you till your check arrives.
send your check to Angel Children
4951 Sparr Rd., Gaylord MI 49735
Gaylord, MI 49735
Shipping - Priority Mail shipping in the US is free for two or more
dolls.   A $4.00 shipping charge will be applied to orders of one

Orders from outside the US will be charged the shipping cost.
Satisfaction is guaranteed.
As this is a one woman endeavor, I try to keep it simple.
I apologize for not having a shopping cart, but I am much better
at dolls than setting up computer programs.
            1 1/2"               1 1/8"SB