Original Doll's Dolls by Ethel Hicks
Angel Children
4951 Sparr Rd.
Gaylord, MI 49735


Gallery -  shows different dolls and scenes I have made through the
years. Its a mini photo Gallery of some of my favorites. These are not
for sale.
SB stands for solid body. Her head, torso and
legs are one porcelain piece. She cannot sit. All 1
1/8"dolls have Wire Arms.
SO stands for seated only
FL stands for floppy, soft body very poseable

Dolls are sold individually, any accessories
shown are included.
Angel Children
Please refresh previously viewed pages, as the dolls that are available can change daily.
Dolls  2   shows little baby dolls and Dolls from Many Lands.
Introducing the new quarter inch scale dolls.
Dolls 3   has little Favorites, an assortment of all different kinds
of dolls. And a new grouping of 1 3/4SB" dolls I call "best Friends".
Just cute and fun to make.
Dolls 4 is filled with adorable Nursery Rhyme dolls,  Story Book Dolls,
Purchasing   is self explanatory. It tells you how to simply purchase
One of my dolls if you so desire

As shipping is frightfully expensive, I will split the shipping cost with
That means $3.55 for each of us to pay for shipping.
Miniature scale is the basis of doll house design. The 3 most popular scales
are 1"=1', 1/2"=1', and 1/4" =1'.

Most of the Angel children dolls I make are toys in the 1"=1' scale. Mattie
the largest doll (in Picture)  is eight years old. She lives in a 1'=1" scale doll
house. She loves her Angel Children doll collection.

Jessie, middle sized doll, is eight years old and lives in a 1/2"=1" scale doll
house. Some of the smaller dolls I make are suitable to be used as toys in
her doll house.

Phie, its short for Ophelia, lives in a 1/4" =1' doll house. I have never really
worked much in this scale. As most of my dolls are 2" and under, it seems
quite natural to me.  With some prompting from a few dear customers, I
have tried making some of the tiny people that
live in these wee doll houses. I will be offering a few of them for sales as my
nerves,eyesight and time allows.
My Quarter inch People are shown on the bottom of  page 2, just keep
scrolling .

Largest Wicker chair by Pam Junk.
The two smaller Wicker chairs by Sue Hoeltge
Angel  Children are  my original porcelain dolls.  Their tiny faces are china painted and
fired in the kiln. They are made to be
toy doll's for the children who live in the doll
. They are made in 1"=1' scale, although some are appropriate for smaller scales.
The dolls are fine little collectible in their own right.

My Online Store is actually a set of special shelves in my Studio. The shelves contain
dolls that are finished and ready to ship.  You  are able to purchase the exact doll
you are looking at.  This allows me much more freedom to design and enjoy.
Dolls  (page) 1 is filled with victorian dolls
and Holiday Dolls
        - tells about the Dolls and the Doll maker . It tells how they are
made, and a little about their creator.